Developing Sustainable Farms

Based out of Bangalore, we, at Prakruthi Farms, stays committed to developing sustainable organic farms for a fast changing India in a radically developing world.

Prakruthi Farms reflect our passion to create a green habitat for a community that love to live life in the lap of nature. We have packed it in with exotic features such as Goshala; a cattle farming facility for unadulterated milk supply and milk products for the community.

Besides, the Farms come with exclusive allocations for remedial plants, herbs and vegetation. This serves as a source of medicinal plants that Naturopathy and Ayurveda prescribe. The Community has a Medicinal Park which can be described nature’s medical store. You may also have your own herbal garden in your plot in the Farms too.

The Butterfly Park at Prakruthi Farms is designed to keep the environment healthy, vivid and vibrant.

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