Prakruthi Farms
Community Highlights

Prakruthi Farms gives you an opportunity to be part of a community of sustainable farms lovers. It makes your perfect weekend getaway or vacation destination too. In just over an hour drive from Bangalore city.


  • Dotted with 20 varieties of fruit bearing trees
  • Each Agri farm will have Natural forest with 40 varieties of trees
  • Medicinal Park with herbs, shrubs and vegetation with therapeutic properties
  • Butterfly Park
  • Rock Garden
  • Goshala; a cattle farm for unadulterated milk and milk products
  • Well connectivity to all your agri farms.
  • Water harvesting pits
  • Solar lighting

Find Life In Mother Nature’s Reassuring Hug

This is about an experience much beyond anything you have had to this day As unique as mother’s love and caress indeed!

Nothing compares the love and caress of mother. Nothing matches Mother Nature’s life-giving and life-sustaining provisions. PRAKRUTHI FARMS invites you home to the unmixed love and healing caress of Mother Nature. In a pristine lush green sprawl close to Hosur. Just over an hour drive away from Bangalore city.


Farm House Living Of The Finest Kind

This is about recapturing the goodness of quiet countryside-life before We fell into the urban whirlpool

Imagine a Farm House of your own in a ¼ acre plot in soothing natural surroundings. A slice of life straight from unforgettable nostalgic fantasies set in fabulous storybook landscapes. A life in a picturesque setting draped in green rustic exuberance that smell of a heady, muddy and grassy concoction that stirs the deepest reaches of your spirit.


Organic Farming For A Healthy Lifestyle

This is about getting to care for and work with mother nature who Feeds, nourishes and sustains us

Prakruthi Farms allows you live a thoughtfully planned village community life in a pollution-free environment complete with farms, trails, water bodies and a village market of farm fresh produce. At Prakruthi, you are part of a well-secured community of drip-irrigation enabled organic farms in which you get to indulge your own farming with experienced farm labourers to assist you. You may grow your own vegetables in your exclusive plot of land as well.


A Preserve Of Woods, Fruit Bearing Trees And Plants

This is about a life of abundance with a generous supply of natural bounties that we Hardly get to enjoy today

As a part of our Green initiative, Prakruthi Farms comes with a natural forest of over 40 varieties of trees in addition to over 20 varieties of fruit bearing trees and plants. They include Star fruit, lemon, Sapota, Guava, Pomegranate, Custard Apple (Seethafal/Rama Gul), Water Apple, Mango, Jack fruit, Amla and Coconut.


Goshala That Lends A Divine Air To The Community

This is about reliving the lost virtues of a bygone era that remained unaffected by the nature-depleting and nature-wrecking human interventions

A village community cannot be complete without a Goshala. As today pure milk has become a thing of the past, the Goshala at Prakruthi Farms serves as a source of organic, unadulterated milk and milk products. You can not only enjoy nutritious, authentic milk, but also get to benefit from the by-products of cattle farming that sustain agro-communities.


Park Of Remedial Plants, Herbs And Vegetation

This is about a life in which you turn to nature, listen to her and learn from her to keep yourself hale and hearty without side effects

As Naturopathy, Ayurveda and other alternative healthcare systems increasingly gain credence, Prakruthi Farms envelops you in an environ rich with vegetation of proven therapeutic properties. With access to an array of remedial herbs and plants in an exclusive Medicinal Park within the community, you have nature’s medical store of unrivalled natural prescriptions in your own backyard. You may have your very own herbal garden in your plot of farm too.


Vivid And Vibrant With A Butterfly Park

This Is About Living In A Nurturing Environment That Adds To The Quality Of Your Life In Tune With Nature

Butterflies and moths indicate a healthy environment and eco-system. They contribute to keeping the eco-system healthy through pollination and natural pest control. As they make an important element in the food chain as prey for birds, bats and other insectivorous animals, butterflies and moths keep the eco-system alive and well.


Rock Gardens That Make Scenic Quiet Corners

This is about allowing nature hold you in her healing hands and shield you from life-snatchers

Rock gardens add form and function to the environment you live in at Prakruthi Farms. Rocks generally protect planted shrubs, flowers and grass from wind and the Sun. Rock Gardens make a natural and beautiful Yard Art that transforms your surroundings. They appeal to your mind and add to the general physical well being as well.


Safe And Secure, Efficient And Grand

This is about living smart by synergizing modern efficiencies with nature’s riches

Prakruthi Farms remains safe and secure within a compound wall around the whole stretch. A grand entry greets you and welcomes you to the Farms. Security personnel keep watch of the property at the entrance and around it 24/7. With over head tank, underground sump and bore-well water, the Farms make a liveable space. An integrated network for 30 and 40 feet wide roads connects parts of the Farms with the whole. Solar street lighting and rain water harvesting pits add to your eco-friendly Farm house experience.


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