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How Barefoot Walk Benefits Your Health?

Also called “earthing”, walking barefoot is proven to add to your health in very many ways. For example, did you know barefoot walking reduces inflammation and improves sleep? WHAT DOES STUDIES SHOW? Earthing or walking barefoot means walkin

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How A Farm House Investment Yields?

Farm House living has become a new trend in India. Urbanites have increasingly begun to invest in farms and farm houses away from cities for more reasons than one. But first, what exactly is a Farm House? It is a large house set in the middle of a

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Why Do City-Dwellers Need Getaway Destinations Wrapped In Pristine Nature?

An increasing number of city-dwellers around the world prefer living in a farm house to living in a city reeling under pollution, congestion, water scarcity, squalor, high cost of living and crimes. Given a chance, most people would now choose to liv

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