Why Do City-Dwellers Need Getaway Destinations Wrapped In Pristine Nature?

An increasing number of city-dwellers around the world prefer living in a farm house to living in a city reeling under pollution, congestion, water scarcity, squalor, high cost of living and crimes. Given a chance, most people would now choose to live on a farm instead of city. Interestingly, an increasing number of people are now beginning to consider the second best alternative – get away from the mundane rat race in the city and try to get a life at least on weekends. People that value life run to the arms of Mother Nature as often as they can. Wonder why?


Nature gives life. And it is nature that sustains life too. Good air, water, organically grown vegetables, cereals, grains and fruits, milk of grass-fed cattle, country chicken eggs so on and so forth keeps us hale and hearty. Consumption of food contaminated with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, packed food and junk food that come added with preservatives and artificial flavors cause many a lifestyle disease today that most city-dwellers suffer from.

Is life closer to nature capable of reversing and preventing diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Cardiovascular conditions, hormonal imbalances, infertility issues, depression and other psychosomatic disorders? A growing body of Research and Studies confirm that nothing can heal us so surely and efficiently as pristine Nature. Evidently Nature proves the greatest healers of all that we have ever had.

A University of Derby study showed that “there was a scientifically significant increase in people’s health, happiness, connection to nature and active nature behaviors such as feeding birds and planting flowers for bees”.

The Study reports that the number of people that described their health “excellent” increased by 30% following a shift in their lifestyle centered on unspoiled nature. There is a growing body of scientific evidence shows definitively that nothing can add to our health, happiness and wellbeing as undamaged nature.

A case in point is the study conducted on children exposed to the natural world. They showed a remarkable increase in their self-esteem. Studies show us that children that get to connect with nature learn to take risks, get creative, enjoy doing physical exercise and discover things they do not get to do otherwise in schools and colleges. More importantly, connecting with nature in a natural surrounding is found to calm children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and is proven to improve their ability to concentrate.

It is quite natural that farm houses closer to your city have become favorite weekend getaway destinations to many. Such farm houses or cottages have become prized possessions too to savvy investors. People love to stay in a farm house on weekends and holidays for the above reasons. Farm house investors not only get good returns on their investment but also get to take a healthy break from their city life as often as they can.


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