Way to Health and Long Life through Organic Food

It is common knowledge that lifestyle affects our health and lifespan. Lifestyle primarily includes our food, work and leisure habits. What do we eat on a daily basis? How much and how often? How do we work? How do we commute? How physically active a life do we live? Answers to these questions indicate our lifestyle; the way we live our life.


Question is how does lifestyle affect our health and lifespan? We will focus here only on how food leads to a richer and longer life than we would otherwise have. Eating right leads to a number of benefits. They include looking and feeling younger, having more energy, losing weight, keeping your bones strong, avoiding impotence, avoiding stroke, lowering your cholesterol level, preventing kidney stones, preventing and reversing heart disease, lowering your risk of cancers, alleviating constipation, preserving your eyesight in old age, lowering blood pressure, preventing and keeping diabetes under control, avoiding Alzheimer’s, avoiding surgery in many cases and enabling you beat arthritis, to name a few.


While we draw energy and nutrition from food, in general, there are certain specific things that provide us specific vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential for balanced health. The chemicals we get from food work together to produce good health. These chemicals work in tandem with each other and interact with the control centres in the cells that make our body. The controls in the cells decide where the nutrients go, how much of each nutrient is needed and time the reactions within them. Our bodies function within an intricate network of reactions. Our bodies know how to take advantage of the chemicals found in food. Our cells know what chemicals to take and what to discard from the nutrients packaged together in food. Nutrition refers to a complex biochemical system involving thousands of effects that thousands of chemicals trigger in our body.

We need to note here that supplements do not substitute natural food and nutrition. They cause side effects.


Plant foods provide more antioxidants, fiber and minerals than animal foods. Animal foods, not only are proven to be devoid of many of these nutrients, but also contain cholesterol and fat. However, animal foods contain more protein, vitamin A, D, B12, and Vitamin D. Nutrition from organic food protects you from effects of noxious chemicals and provides you with essential nutrients on a regular basis. Chemicals such as artificial sweeteners, nitrosamines, nitrites and aflatoxin cause cancer. Diseases like cancer takes years to develop. Chemicals that initiate cancer are often in the news. However, what we do not understand is the process of the disease kicks off after the initiation and continues for a period of time before it is fully expressed. Having nutritious food during this phase represses the disease, halts it, prevents it and even reverses the condition. Plant-based diet has been proven to reverse even advanced heart disease, obesity and diabetes as well.


Well, eating nutritious organic food alone cannot help fight and prevent diseases. Physical activity, green environment emotional and mental health is just as important as healthy eating. They are all interconnected and so, healthcare demands a holistic approach. There is one more important aspect to this. By eating plant-based whole food we help earth stay healthy too because we use less water, less land, less resources and produce less pollution.

Our food choices not only impact our metabolism, but also in prevention and reversal of many chronic and fatal diseases.


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